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Vertical Chiropractic is your cutting-edge corrective chiropractic care resource. Rooted in science and representing the best of the old and the new in chiropractic through the world renowned Gonstead Technique, Vertical Chiropractic is dedicated to providing drug-free, patient-specific health care that works with nature rather than against it. With gentle chiropractic adjustments, nerve interference is removed and cell metabolism, organ function, and overall physical well-being are restored. We specialize in pregnancy, pediatric development, and adult health to enhance lives by building the foundation for a healthy body and mind from within.

  • Gonstead Method

    Gonstead Method
    Our patients travel for miles from every direction for the world renowned Gonstead Technique.The science behind this cutting-edge technique results in the most accurate, specific, and effective approach in evaluating and adjusting the spine.
  • Vertical Blog

    Vertical Blog

    At Vertical Chiropractic, we are fully committed to teaching this community the "inside out" paradigm of health. Check out the Vertical Blog to discover our ideas and thoughts regarding your family’s overall health and well-being.

  • Before & After

    Before & After

    Since proper structure of the spine equals proper function, a comparative spinal image and thermal image study allows the doctor and patient to “see” objectively when optimal function has been realized.


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